Life Happens/The Future Is Bright

Life as I know it is about to change!

Now, before you think I’m being dramatic; I’m actually not this time. For real. For those of you who keep up with my social media you’ll have noticed a lot of visa talk recently. My job (that I really love) had agreed to sponsor me for a skilled shortage visa. This visa allows me to stay in Australia forever (essentially). Kinda a big deal, since this is not only expensive, but time consuming and stressful. My company wanted to help me do it, which is one of the best compliments I have ever received. IN MY LIFE.

So yeah, all is good and dandy! I think I’m staying in Australia forever and that I don’t have to worry about anything in my immediate future. WOO! Also, my job is great AND fulfilling and I learn a lot and get a lot of exposure to new things. It’s literally better than anything I could dream up. But that’s not really how life works right? After over two months of thinking I was staying, a lawyer (who was just doing her job, but I now dislike) informed me that I wasn’t skilled enough for a skilled worker visa. Duh. I’m 25, how am I supposed to have five years of direct experience? So yeah, jokes on all my future plans! I’m not staying forever! I’m actually not even staying for long. Here’s a fun (obviously candid) photo of me at work:


So here’s my life update: I’m moving! Somewhere. New. And I’ve got like three months to figure it out. Three. To put this into perspective, I planned for Australia for seven months. So three is a bit daunting. Here’s a quick overview of my options in order of preference (at this point in time).

1. England/London

England I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to England for ages. It’s relatively close to home, I’ve never been to Europe, and Australia is basically warmer more relaxed England. And I love Australia! So why not right? Living in England would also give me a chance to visit many of the countries in Europe, which I think is pretty cool. I’d probably live in London, because why not, and I’ll hopefully be able to sort a job before I get there. England is a fun idea, but also relatively expensive and the most unknown of all options. BUT I also showed up to Australia with no plans and no friends, and look at me now. Obviously I can handle it. I think this would be the best option, but definitely not the easiest. But probably the most rewarding? Also, the visa is super easy to get, and it’s two years. So that’s pretty ideal right?

2. The US of A

Somewhere warm in the USA Kay, so probably like California. Similar to England, California is expensive. Unlike England though, California is very warm and sunny. Which I obviously love, as anyone who has be on Instagram is sure to know. California is on the radar because I’m an American citizen, I could bring my car, and I’m not that far from home. I don’t know. The idea of moving to California alone is the most daunting of all places, so yeah we’ll see. BUT I can just kinda see it? Ya know? Like me running on the beach (lol) and meeting celebrities in public (like I would ever live in LA but whatever). I’m also considering North Carolina, but it’s less exciting and I’m really going for the pity party post here so it doesn’t fit the theme.

3. Home/Canada

Home I mean, I guess I could always go home? My mom would be very happy about this. Very. Happy. But like, it’s not warm (most of the time), or close to places I want to visit, and I hate the snow. On the other hand, I don’t have to get a visa, and I know how everything works. Oh, also everyone I know and love lives here, nbd. And it’s easy. I think the major thing that worries me about moving home is that I’m scared I’m going to fall into old boring habits. After living this full on exciting life in Australia, I just don’t know how well I’d deal with that. I think that’s probably a mindset problem, but honestly I’m still having a pity party about my visa so that makes this option seem rather grim.

Here’s a fun one of me actually laughing to lighten the mood here a bit!


So obviously I don’t know what to do, and I have no direction. I’m still feeling quite bad for myself which probably isn’t helping anything here. But who doesn’t love a good pity party, am I right? Hahah…help me…. I know there are many other options. I can literally go anywhere and do anything (except things that include paying money and not eventually making it). But these are the main ones at this point. Maybe I need to do more research. All I know is this: I’m not moving to New Zealand and I’m not studying in Australia because I did the school thing and I’m OVER it.

If you’re reading this, please, PLEASE send me any advice or ideas or encouragement for what the right plan is. And Mom: this isn’t another chance to invite me to come home haha (love you still).


PS. I’ll probably go to like Bali or Thailand in September so if anyone wants to join me, HMU (hit me up).

Love, em

PPS. If you know of any jobs in any of these places please let me know!

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