I Went Home!

I went home, to Canada! Obviously. You all saw my Facebook posts aha. Get ready for a LONG post.

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything on here. Before going home, I wasn’t doing anything exciting. My life was predictable, which was very contrary to the title of this blog (Emily’s Unpredictable Life). I live a pretty regular life, only it’s in Australia. I think through social media, I can imitate this very exciting and adventurous life. But it’s not really true, hence no blog posts. Obviously. Okay, weird intro. I don’t even know?

BUT THEN I went home, to CANADA! Now, hold on to your seats folks this is about to be a wild ride! Just kidding, I literally visited all my friends and family. I also aggressively snuggled with my dog. It was really wonderful, and I was very clearly reminded why I hate winter. And snow. And freezing rain. And Ice. Kay, you get the idea. I’m done being dramatic about the weather (for now). I surprised my mom (made her cry, SCORE!) and showed up a couple weeks early. That was fun. I went and visited almost all my friends, spent quality time with my dog, and really just caught up on what I missed in the year and a half I was gone.

I learned a few things along the way (gotta throw the cliche’s in there cuz it’s me). SO because I am incredibly basic, and am lowkey a wannabe Buzzfeed writer, I have decided to come up with a list of things I learned on this trip.

  1. People live without you. Okay this sounds really depressing, and that WAS NOT the point I was trying to make. But seriously, everyone lived their lives while I was gone. And while this is not an earth shattering idea, it’s still a bit surprising to show up and realize it. My dog was visibly older (she counts as people, don’t @ me). My brothers are almost finished high school. My friends all got married. I had social media to keep up with everyone, but through time and experience everything was just slightly different. I knew I would be, because I had lived on the other side of the freaking planet. But this was the most unexpected thing I learned.
  2. Cheap breakfast is the best thing ever and Australia needs to cool it with the $22 avocado on toast and one poached egg. Yeah, that’s a run-on sentence, but whatever. I feel very passionate about this topic. Also, home fries are the bomb, and I missed them a lot. AND BREAKFAST SHOULD ALWAYS BE LIKE TEN BUCKS. Fight me on this.
  3. You won’t fit in. This was the hardest thing I learned. I had just spent the last year and a half meeting new people, traveling to new places, and being a bit of an inconsistent wreck (good times lol). But seriously, my friends all grew up. They got married and are buying houses, and because of that the things they talk about are different. I didn’t get married, I’m a single-pringle. like SINGLEEEEEE  . I don’t even have a boyfriend! I also live in a house, but the idea of buying one is legitimately laughable (shout out to you, student loans!). So I didn’t fit into so many conversations. Marriage is just one example of many I noticed (albeit, the biggest). I think what hit the hardest was that everyone has been living consistent and (for the most part) stable lives. I just haven’t. So I didn’t always fit in. This is a weird thing to learn.
  4. Tim Tams are appreciated worldwide. I brought like six boxes home and they were gone suspiciously fast. I consumed one cookie. Please google these and try them, because they are amazing. This is all I have to say on this topic.
  5. People want to see me, but also don’t really care I live in Australia. I had so many people who were so excited to see me, which is amazing, because I love that attention (everyone reading knows this is v true). After I basked in the attention for a bit, I realized that people only want to hear about Australia for a little while, because much like point three, people don’t have a lot in common with Australia. Which makes sense because it’s an island in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the planet. NOW don’t get me wrong, I still talked an immense amount about Aus, like probably too much for social norms, but whatever. Sorry to everyone who had to hear me (love you guys!). Seriously by the end of my first day home, my brother already said “WE KNOW YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA”, to which I responded with an aggressive eye roll. This point was an interesting reminder to me that it’s not all about me and my travels.
  6. Everyone is impressed with the picture holding a koala. STORY TIME: before I left, my Dad asked me: “will you hold a koala when you’re in Australia?” to which I responded a hearty NO, because I had read somewhere one time that holding the koalas is somehow really bad for them and stresses them out. This totally might be/probably is true. I held a koala, and it was magical, and kinda stinky. And they’re not really soft at all. Very brittle fur. BUT this was something everyone was always impressed to see and hear about (ignore point five for this story aha). My Dad made a point to make fun of my hypocrisy on this one when I was home haha. AND yeah, I am quite likely a bad person for doing it anyway. Sorry.
  7. Home is Still home, and it always will be. I realized on this trip that Canada is still my home. I said to one of my friends “it has been so amazing to be home, but I can’t wait to go back home”. I absolutely loved my time in Canada. I loved every second of visiting and traveling (the cruise was fab). But I also love my life in Australia. I have come to the conclusion that currently, I have two homes. They happen to be extremely far apart, but they’re both my home. I don’t see myself moving back to Canada anytime soon, but I sure will visit a lot sooner than a year and a half. But like, probably in the summer next time (actually, definitely in the summer).

WELL I was going to come up with ten on this list, but it didn’t happen. Oops. It’s like almost nine on Sunday night and since I am apparently an old person now I need to go to bed. I thought about how I was going to write about home for a long time. I realized that there wasn’t a lot to say story wise. I did a lot of sitting in living rooms and beach chairs and just catching up on all the little things I missed while I was away. It was great, and I will remember those five weeks with great fondness. Not the winter though, obviously.

As for me right now? Well I am headed into the second week of my new job. I am the Business Administrator for a company called “Growth Australia” and they renovate office buildings. I have learned a whole bunch of new lingo, sales tactics, marketing ideas, and the general gist of the construction world. I am incredibly excited about how much I am going to learn in this position, and I have a good feeling it’s going to set me up well for a future career path. I met the owners of this business around this time last year, and by happenstance ran into them recently and they offered me a position. I am working still in Brisbane, and living in the same house. In a few weeks, I will have lived in the same house for a year, which is CRAZY!

I don’t know when I will have something interesting enough to blog about, but until then, thank you for reading. I appreciate all of you!





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