That Time People Loved to Watch Me Cry

Last night, one of the most wonderful things happened to me. My housemates told me that I was hanging out with them and not to make any plans, so naturally I thought we were going out for dinner and drinks. You’re probably reading this thinking “wow, this is not worth a blog post, but continue…”

WELL SURPRISE, the plan was not to go for dinner and drinks. When I got home from work, I went upstairs to an absolute VISION. There were ten people, all dressed up, that shouted “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” at me and handed me a glass of champagne. The house had been decorated, and there was food everywhere. My housemates and friends surprised me with a friends Thanksgiving! They explained how homesick they knew I was feeling lately, and decided that as my Brisbane/Australia family they’d bring me a piece of home. We did all the right things, we had snacks and treats before the meal, a legitimate turkey, candles, champagne, stuffing, and pecan pie. I even made everyone hold hands and go around the circle saying what we’re thankful for (this is a very important/cliché family tradition, that I was not about to forget). I think one of the most special parts of it all is when they asked me if I’d like to pray for the meal. All of these people, who aren’t really religious, but know I am, gave me the opportunity to pray over the meal. It was perfect. It was special. It was my family.

I obviously bawled my eyes out, and hugged everyone, and felt more loved than I have in the year and three months since I’ve been here. Seriously, I was a blubbering mess. They absolutely loved it too. I heard a “we would’ve been mad if you DIDN’T CRY”. These people, who a year ago didn’t even know me, put on a full event without me even knowing it. My housemate Emily said it right “you choose your family” and that night, and all of the people involved really made me feel surrounded with love, the way a family does. WOW THIS IS SAPPY. I am basically crying as I write this, because it was wonderful and even the next day I feel SO LOVED.

So here’s a blog post to share how special and loved last night’s event made me feel. I want to thank Josh, the mother of the house (that he doesn’t live in), who cooked an INCREDIBLE feast from like 10am. And Kirsty who helped him. I want to thank Emily for thinking of the idea (to surprise me), and decorating the house over the top, just like my mother would do. I want to thank Eve, who very expertly distracted me and played it very cool when I tried to figure out what was happening, and to Jack, Joel, Aoife, Samantha, Jared, and Mackenzie for being a part of my family in this far away land of Australia. img_4807-1.jpg

Being in Australia has been such an experience for me. I came over here COMPLETELY alone, with no idea of what to expect or where I’d end up. And I just feel incredibly blessed and thankful for everything I have. When I say that I am happy now, I truly mean it. I am happier now than I think I have ever been, and I am so so so incredibly thankful for the people who have made this experience the best thing that has happened to me. Don’t mind me, just being a bit of a sappy mess, it’s fine haha.


Happy Thanksgiving readers, I hope you are all surrounded with people who love you and make you feel as loved as my family here have made me feel.

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